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Let’s Share Our Breastfeeding News!

The greatest aspect of a blog is that it can be used as a launching point for conversations.  Blog articles are not traditional stagnant news articles.  Instead, they are living documents that can be added to, modified, and created by its audience and readers. We at Lactation Matters want to know about the wonderful things our readers are doing in their communities to promote and support breastfeeding.

What breastfeeding events or programs are going on in your town?
Do you have photos/videos that you would like to share from a recent
Is someone doing something newsworthy in your town that you would like to
share and celebrate?

We would love to collect your stories and share them with our colleagues and blog readers.

If you have a short story that would fit into the comment section of this article, please submit a comment at the bottom of this article.

If your story belongs as its own blog article, or you have photos and/or videos to share, please submit it/them to and we will contact you in the next
few days.

Thank you so much for your connections and interactions on Lactation Matters, thus far.  We are ecstatic to hear from you!

Robin Kaplan, M.Ed., IBCLC, Co-Editor Lactation Matters

Owner, San Diego Breastfeeding Center

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