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Meet Our ILCA Staff – Ashley Lehman

My name is Ashley Lehman and I am ILCA’s Electronic Media Coordinator. I am originally from Gaithersburg, Maryland but moved to North Carolina when I graduated from Elon University in 2008. I received a bachelor’s degree in Communications and a minor in Art. After I graduated from Elon, I worked as a Media Supervisor at an insurance marketing company. In early 2010, I joined the ILCA team as an administrative manager, assisting with the publications and membership departments. In my free time, I love to watch movies, spend time with my husband and our dog, Daisy, and vacation at the Walt Disney World resort every chance I get.

As I mentioned, I am ILCA’s Electronic Media Coordinator and that encompasses a lot of different job responsibilities. The main part of my job is updating and maintaining the ILCA website. This includes accepting and approving ILCA Advertising applications to post on the Worldwide Education Calendar and Career Mart. In addition to updating the ILCA website, I also manage ILCA’s Continuing Education website, process Independent Study Module answer sheets, manage ILCA CERPS onDemand webinars, work with the Social Media Coordinator to maintain ILCA’s social media pages, and send out listservs to the ILCA membership. I also answer a majority of the phone calls that come into the ILCA office.

A typical day in the ILCA office for me starts at 8am, although I’m not sure you could really call it a “typical” day since each day is a little different than the next. The day normally starts with me checking voicemails and emails. I make sure to respond to every email as soon as possible to ensure that our members are getting the assistance they need in a timely manner. Then I move on to updating ILCA’s website and the Continuing Education website. I also am in charge of sending all ILCA listservs so if there are any to be sent out that day, I get them ready to go. Throughout this typical day, I am the first person to answer the phones and assist members with various questions about ILCA. At lunch time, the staff all get together and eat in our conference room. It is a great time for us to get to hang out and talk about non-work related things. However, lunch time conversations have been known to turn into brainstorming sessions on ILCA related subjects such as improving membership, conference and webinars. We get a lot of great ideas during these brainstorming sessions!  It is always great to collaborate with other ILCA staff. After lunch, it is back to checking emails, answering phones and updating the websites. If it is a webinar day, then I am putting on my headset and getting ready to introduce our webinar speaker. I finish up the day with more updates to the website, answering phones and responding to emails. At 4:30pm my day in the office is complete and I am back again tomorrow to do it all again.

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  1. ECBrooks 4 May 2012 at 10:26 #

    Thanks for all you do for ILCA, Ashley!

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