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Breastmilk and Breast Cancer Research {A Follow-Up}

Photo by honey-bee via Flickr Creative Commons

Recently, we ran a series (Part 1 and Part 2) on the work of Dr. Kathleen Arcaro, using breast milk to help determine breast cancer risk.  The response to the posts was overwhelming with both posts together being read by over 3,600 people. We are confident that, with the help and encouragement of IBCLCs, women all over the country can be involved in this exciting research.

Dr. Arcaro is now looking for a new set of breastmilk samples:  those from women who either currently have or have previously had breast cancer.  These samples can be either fresh or frozen.

If you know of a mother who fits this profile, please have them contact Beth at (413) 545-0813 or email her.  If not, please help by spreading the word however you like – Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Thank you!

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