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Let’s Celebrate: World Breastfeeding Week and Happy Birthday, Lactation Matters!

One year ago, Lactation Matters launched with a focus toward informing and advocating for IBCLCs.  It was no accident that the first posts were published every day during World Breastfeeding Week 2011. The theme of last year’s World Breastfeeding Week was about connecting breastfeeding advocacy with the mothers that need it and ILCA’s commitment to a blog took that theme and ran with it.

Here we are one year later.  Our blog has hundreds of regular readers and dozens of contributors.  We have posted interviews, calls to action, highlights of current research, practical applications and pieces that highlight the important work that IBCLCs do in the world.

Once again, Lactation Matters is looking forward to celebrating World Breastfeeding Week.  Each day this week, we will highlight the work of those advocating for breastfeeding in a different country or culture.  We encourage you to read, to think, to act.  Get involved with your local coalition.  Reach out to a local mother.  Join your professional organization.  Engage with the media.  Come along side a mother and baby.  Together, we can build a worldwide culture of breastfeeding.


ILCA would love if you could share your World Breastfeeding Week stories and photos with World Breastfeeding Week Kit and promotional items still available here!


What will you do to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week?

If you have a story or idea for a post on Lactation Matters, please contact us at 


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