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JHL Announces Cover Photo Contest!

JHL is your journal, and we want to feature your photos!

Journal of Human Lactation’s (JHL) cover changed in 2012 – and is about to change again! The basic layout will stay the same, but they plan to replace the 4 cover photos with new ones, for the February-November 2013 issues. 

The 4 photos portray the broad field of human lactation, from the IBCLC helping new mothers (such as images of the caring professional with a breastfeeding mom; teaching a class, etc) along with the harder science of lactation (picture: test tubes of milk; microscope slides, etc).

Please send us your photos! We are looking for images representing a range of backgrounds, contexts, and cultures, and we do need ‘hard science’ photos as well as those from the clinical scene.


  • Keep photo clear with minimal background interference.
  • Photos should be jpeg files: 300 ppi .jpg; at least 2100 pixels wide x 1500 pixels high
  • Email photos to:
  • We may not be able to respond to each message separately, but as confirmation of your submission, you should receive an auto-response message.
  • Include your name (assuming you are the photographer) and full contact information with preferably a second email address.


  • Deadline is November 10 2012. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • If a recognizable person features in the photo (ie, face of mother/baby/clinician etc), you must have a photo consent form. If your photo is a contender for publication, we will require subjects to sign a specific consent form, so only send photos if you know you can obtain permission from the subject.
  • As the photographer, you will need to sign non-exclusive copyright – in other words, you allow JHL to use the photo, but you are free to use it elsewhere as you choose.
  • If we believe the photo is a potential winner, we will contact you again before the deadline to talk to you and ensure we have the correct forms.

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One Response to JHL Announces Cover Photo Contest!

  1. Anne Altshuler 23 October 2012 at 20:05 #

    I miss the previous covers of breastfeeding as depicted in art. While the intent to portray the lactation field and IBCLCs at work is commendable, the 4 photos are too small to make much of an impact. Why not have one larger photo on each cover, and change them each month?

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