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What We LOVE About Australia!

The exciting news is that the International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA) is headed DOWN UNDER to Melbourne, Australia for its 28th Annual Conference in July 2013.

The conference is July 25-28 2013 and Lactation Matters, over the next months, will give you a taste of what’s in store for you as you travel to the jam-packed 4 day conference. We will share some local knowledge to make sure you get the best value for the time you have in Australia.

You can start preparing, even now by:

  • SAVE YOUR MONEY. Begin planning who you will travel with, how long you will stay, and what your budget will be.
  • Request time off from your employer.
  • Begin talking with travel agents or researching airfares and hotel arrangements.
  • Remember that our conference will be during Australia’s winter so prepare your wardrobe…and don’t forget, the beaches are only a short flight away!

We did a quick poll of some of ILCA’s Board of Directors about what they love most about Australia and Australians.

Some of their responses might be identical to yours!

  • Australians have really cool accents.
  • They have nerves of steel, given all the poisonous flora and fauna found only on their continent.
  • Melbourne is a destination location for coffee lovers.
  • They aren’t offended when you ask about their ancestors’ criminal past! Because of the culture’s convict history, they aren’t easily fooled.
  • They make fantastic movies! *
  • We love Australian’s direct approach, frankness and relaxed attitude.
  • The country’s indigenous culture and amazing ancient rock carvings are spectacular.
  • Australian wines (especially Tasmanian Point Noir)!
  • The fun ways they use the English language and unique phrases like saying that something going “down the gurgler”.
  • The fact that their toilets flush in the opposite direction!
  • They love to have fun all the time!

Make your plans now to join us in July!

* Editor’s Note – We encourage those travelling to Australia to check out the movie “The Sapphires”. Ian Heads (spouse of Joy Heads, ILCA’s Director of Global Outreach, who hails from Australia) says, “Based on the real events first captured in a hit stage play, The Sapphires might just be the “feel good’ movie of the year”. It is a genuine Aussie yarn, telling the story of four Aboriginal girls who got together to form a singing group in country Australia in 1968 – and ended up going to Vietnam to entertain the troops. The film is sassy, bright, breezy and often hilarious – and the music is toe-tappingly wonderful. The Sapphires doesn’t dodge serious issues of the time – but you’ll come out with spirits uplifted, having been mightily entertained.”


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