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What Are Your Educational Needs as an ILCA Member?

By Judi Lauwers, BA, IBCLC, FILCA, ILCA Education Coordinator

7220_159273157696_4699634_nAs the IBCLCs’ professional association, ILCA provides a wide array of services and resources related to education. Information about these resources is available on ILCA’s website. ILCA recently sent a survey asking members about a variety of preferences and priorities. We are taking this opportunity to also ask what matters most to YOU in the area of education.

What do you need that ILCA does not already provide?

What does ILCA provide that is most important to you?

Here is what ILCA provides to its members. Click on the headings for more information:

Core Curriculum: Perhaps the most important resource is the Core Curriculum for Lactation Consultant Practice. This pivotal resource was developed by over 45 educators, long-time ILCA members and other professionals. The third edition was recently released and is available in the ILCA Store. The text is the ultimate reference for anyone working with breastfeeding families. Educators use it to develop and update course content. Students use it to prepare for the certification exam. Clinicians refer to it as issues arise in their day-to-day work with mothers and babies. Policy makers use it to guide policy development.

Webinars: ILCA began offering live webinars in 2011 and they have become very popular. Until the end of June 2013, attendance at all live webinars is FREE. Attendees who wish to receive continuing education credit can purchase the recorded session and complete the continuing education process.

CERPs onDemand: When is the last time you visited ILCA’s CERPs onDemand site? There are over 80 online continuing education opportunities through recorded webinars, conference sessions, and study modules from the Journal of Human Lactation. Study modules in the journal can also be completed by paper and mailed to the ILCA office. ILCA produced an online study module on the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes. We also have two study modules to compliment the Clinical Guidelines for the Establishment of Exclusive Breastfeeding (covering Strategies 1-10 and 11-20). Watch for a new edition to be released soon!

Conference: We can’t forget ILCA’s premier continuing education activity, our annual conference! The 2013 conference will be July 25-28 in Melbourne, Australia. Then back to the U.S. in 2014 for a conference in Phoenix, Arizona – one of the most popular venues for past ILCA conferences. Any ILCA members who would like to serve on the Conference Program Committee is encouraged to apply.

Educators: Educators can find links on a special Educator page to resources for curriculum development and clinical instruction.

Students: Students can find information on a special Student page for resources on recommended reading, selecting a course and how to prepare for the profession. ILCA’s Directory of Course Providers and Clinical Instruction Directory help students find sources for their education.

Committees: ILCA’s Education Committee and Clinical Instruction Subcommittee address a variety of education-related issues in the profession. Any ILCA member who would like to serve on one of these is encouraged to apply.

Resources: ILCA’s member newsletter, the eGlobe, posts Multi-Media Reviews and Teaching Tips for educators. A variety of other resources can be downloaded from the ILCA website.

We would like to hear from you!

Are there resources you need that ILCA doesn’t provide? Are there resources you think ILCA should discontinue? Which resources are most important to you?

Are you an ILCA member and interested in helping with education projects? Please send your comments and questions to

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