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ILCA Seeks Media Coordinator

ILCAILCA is seeking an experienced communicator to engage and increase dialogue amongst members and the public, through social media outlets and member communications.

Overview: The position oversees planning, composition, layout and production of communications in all social media venues and member communications. This position develops ILCA communications and assesses audiences, market and social media vehicles; making recommendations for coordinated, effective dissemination of messages to ensure consistent messaging within ILCA. Specifically, this position serves as the editor for ILCA’s Lactation Matters Blog, has oversight of ILCA’s social media program, and is responsible for the development of a new weekly ILCA’s “Top Five” newsletter. This position may also assist with other strategic communication and marketing initiatives as needed within the organization.

Reports To: ILCA Executive Director

Status: Contract, part-time position – approximately 15 hours per week


  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, Journalism, and/or related field required.
  • 2-3 years of experience in marketing, public relations, advertising and/or related field.
  • IBCLC certification strongly preferred.
  • A high-level of experience and proficiency with social media outlets, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others is required. Expert knowledge in social media management tools is desired.
  • Candidates must be innovative, creative self-starter, have excellent oral and written communication, analytical and organizational skills; strong attention to detail and excel in learning and providing lactation field information. The ability to meet deadlines, collaborate with others, make decisions and work independently is needed. Strong proficiency with Microsoft Office programs is required, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other programs as needed.

Specific Duties:

  • Define and execute a proactive social media strategy to significantly increase ILCA’s social media presence and improve the member/public image and visibility of ILCA.
  • Develop, collect, edit and/or write content as well as layout, design and distribute Weekly Member Communications (i.e. Top 5 emails) – 1 email/week; approximately 4-6 hours per week; including content that was once communicated through listservs and e-Globe newsletter: ILCA news, Conference information, Members in the News, Store Promotions, News to Use, Membership Info, Awards, etc.
  • Daily monitoring, maintenance and growth of existing ILCA social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) and new ones if deemed appropriate.
    • Twitter/Facebook post – 1-2 posts/day; approximately 4-5 hours per week; focus on sharing value-added news and information, and limited air time to promoting ILCA events (approximately 1 in every 10 posts for ILCA promotion).
    • LinkedIn posts – as needed or determined; this platform focuses on generating discussion and networking between members; work will focus on generating discussion if needed, administering the site and accepting new members, and managing the discussions to ensure responses.
  • Serve as editor of ILCA’s Lactation Matters Blog – 1 post/week; approximately 4 hours per week; focus on sharing human interest stories and information, and limited time to promoting ILCA events or news.
  • Analyze and communicate usage statistics from ILCA’s media outlets to track engagement and provide monthly metrics.
  • Monitor industry information and competitor presences/perceptions, research new blogs and other social media channels for relevance/trend identification, and report on relevant online data.
  • Collaborate with ILCA staff to ensure proper online messaging and relevancy, and ensure consistency of messages across multiple media vehicles.
  • Develop guidelines to ensure effectiveness of media efforts.
  • Manage relationships with media outlets and journalists.

If you are interested in this position, please send a cover letter and resume to

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