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IBCLC Day 2014: Honoring the Ways IBCLCs Help Families

IBCLCs, get ready to give thanks – and accept gratitude.IBLCDaySocialMedia-Final-A

Every day, I hear from people who are grateful for the IBCLCs in their community. Families who were able to reach their breastfeeding goals. Health care providers who see the vital role the IBCLC plays on a baby’s team. Community leaders who value how breastfeeding improves their citizens’ health and well being.

This year, IBCLC Day is designed to deepen the connections we have to families, health care providers, and our community by taking a moment to share that gratitude.

ILCA has created a series of images – designed to be shared on social media – that invite the community to share their reflections on the impact of IBCLCs. (Check out a sample one at the top of this post!) We also hope that families and others will take this opportunity to thank the IBCLCs in their lives by sharing these reflections on social media.

On March 5th – IBCLC Day 2014 – please watch on the blog, Facebook page, and in your e-mail for ways that you can encourage sharing.

Want to take action today? On the ILCA website, you’ll find a flyer all about how your community can participate. Please print and post wherever families, health care providers, or anyone who cares about breastfeeding might see it – like your local baby store, community center, or health care center.

Know an organization who would like to help us celebrate IBCLC day with a blog post to encourage sharing? Contact us at LactationMatters {at} gmail {dot} com.

We know that in the past, IBCLC Day has focused on local events. While we don’t have some of the materials as in year’s past (like cake art) others will still be available (like thank you certificates and e-cards). We hope that you’ll continue to organize those in your community! You can also purchase IBCLC merch at the ILCA store here as thank you gifts! We encourage you to take this opportunity to come together and share your gratitude for your local breastfeeding community.

You can also take March 5th as an opportunity to share gratitude for your IBCLC colleagues. Stop by the ILCA Facebook page and share a “thank you” with your mentor, your practice partner, or an IBCLC that you collaborated with sometime this year. Or send an e-card (you’ll find those and everything else you need for IBCLC Day here). The more gratitude, the better!

In the words of the U.S. poet and author Maya Angelou: “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”

Photo credit for image: courtesy of the Indiana Black Breastfeeding Coalition. Anne Schollenberger Photography.


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