Top Ten CERPs on Demand for 2014

Copy of Journal of Human Lactation (1)Did you know that ILCA offers CERP-eligible webinars and conference recordings that you can watch at your convenience? Or that you can complete study modules based on Journal of Human Lactation articles to earn CERPs?

Whether you are getting ready to recertify in the next few years or keeping up to speed on the latest in lactation, now is a great time to check out the CERPs on Demand catalog, which you can find HERE.

Here’s a round-up of the some of the most popular CERPs on Demand for 2014 that are still available to purchase. And there are even more that will be free to members in 2015! (Learn more about those here!)

10. Maternal and Breast Pump Factors Associated with Breast Pump Problems and Injuries

Authors: Youlin Qi, MD, MPH, Yuanting Zhang, PhD, Sara Fein, PhD, Cunlin Wang, MD, PhD, and Nilsa Loyo-Berríos, PhD

Journal of Human Lactation 30(1) 2014

9. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Cheryl Benn, RM, DCur, IBCLC

2013 ILCA Conference in Melbourne, Australia

8.  What’s Wrong with One Bottle?

Lawrence Noble, MD, IBCLC, FABM

2013 ILCA Conference in Melbourne, Australia

7: Breastfeeding and Not Thriving: Evidence-based strategies and interventions

Sallie Page-Goertz, MN, APRN, IBCLC

2013 ILCA Conference in Melbourne, Australia

6: Infant Torticollis: A New Threat to Lactation

Alison K. Hazelbaker, PhD, IBCLC, FILCA, CST, RCST

Live webinar presented 19 August 2014

5: Breastfeeding and Adoption/Surrogacy

Cheryl Ganly-Lewis RN, RM, IBCLC, GDip Fam, Clinical Director Wharekai Pepe

Live webinar presented 1 April 2014

4: Was It Something I Ate? Food Sensitivities in the Breastfed Baby

Lindsey Hurd, MS, RD, LDN, IBCLC

Live webinar presented 04 September 2014

3: Sabotage by Another Name: Policies, practices and attitudes that keep mothers and babies apart


2013 ILCA Conference in Melbourne, Australia

2: Human Milk Sharing: Ethics, safety and realities in counseling mothers

Presented by Frances Jones, RN, MSN, IBCLC

Live webinar presented 26 March 2014

1: Classifying Infant Sucking Problems

Presented by Alison K. Hazelbaker, PhD, IBCLC, FILCA, CST, RCST

Live webinar presented January 22, 2014

NEW for 2015! As a part of your member benefits, you will be eligible for up to ten free CERPs. Learn more here.

And tell us – what webinars would you like to see in 2015?

2 Responses to Top Ten CERPs on Demand for 2014

  1. Caz Koopman 22 December 2014 at 12:07 #

    I’d love to see webinars on:
    – tandem feeding toddlers and newborns
    – Down’s syndrome and breastfeeding
    – overcoming supply difficulties for babies who were given formula and kept away from their mothers after birth by hospital.
    – quick weaning i.e. When mum has to get chemo etc, gently but quickly and successfully
    – night weaning: is it good for baby or just for mum?

  2. ECBrooks 30 December 2014 at 10:18 #

    Ask and ye shall receive, Caz! Check out the 20 Jan 2015 ILCA webinar offering, “Establishing Breastfeeding in Babies with Down Syndrome: The Importance of Breastmilk, Breastfeeding and Child-Directed Feeding.”

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