ILCA Announces 15th National-Regional Partner Agreement: Shanghai YUREN Breastfeeding Promotion

ILCA has just achieved another important milestone in signing its 15th National—Regional Partner agreement with Shanghai YUREN Breastfeeding Promotion Center (SYBPC) based in Shanghai, China. Click here to learn more about the ILCA Partner Initiative and the 14 other Partners.

ILCA 最近和中国上海育人母乳喂养促进中心(SYBPC)签订了国际区域合作伙伴协议,这是本协会签订的第15个国际区域合作伙伴,也是协会发展历史上的又一个重要里程碑。

ILCA is thrilled with the prospect of what lies ahead for this collaboration and the shared impact we may have on breastfeeding in China. We asked SYBPC founder, Yuwen Ren MD, to share some of her insights into the organization and why this agreement is so meaningful.


Lactation Matters (LM): Tell us about why Shanghai YUREN Breastfeeding Promotion Center (SYBPC) is so important to human health in China.

LM: 请谈一下为什么上海育人母乳喂养促进中心对中国的人群健康是非常重要的?

Yuwen Ren (YR): SYBPC is the first NGO in China to provide 90 hours of breastfeeding-specific education courses for healthcare providers (HCPs) to become International Board Certified Lactation Consultants® (IBCLC®)s. Past students have come from 19 different provinces and cities in China.

YR: 上海育人母乳喂养促进中心是中国首家NGO对医护人员提供90小时的母乳喂养专项教育,帮助她们成为国际认证哺乳顾问。在过去,我们的学员覆盖了中国19个省。

In China, on average, there are more than 15,000 newborn babies delivered every year in a 3A hospital, and around 10,000 babies per year in a 2A hospital. In 2015, 26 participating students passed their exams and became IBCLCs. They are all HCPs who are working in either a 3A or a 2A hospital. They had, and will continue to have, great impact on promoting breastfeeding in China, including in the big cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc.


We also trained some of our students to become trainers and helped them to design educational courses in their own hospital or local area. We are now recognized by hospitals across the country and have received numerous invitations for our courses. We’re very confident that our students will cover all 30 provinces and cities in the next three years.


Starting in Summer 2015, we launched a project to establish breastfeeding-friendly communities, which is supported by the local government. In one such community, we have trained 30 local government employees to provide outreach to 500 families. We already have three cities participating in the project.


LM: What challenges do you face in your work?

LM: 你在工作中面临什么样的挑战?

YR: SYBPC is a very young organization. Our staff and volunteers work very hard to achieve our goals. We have a regular training program for them as well. Because we have so many ongoing and planned projects all over China, we need more people to join us.

YR: SYBPC是一个非常年轻的组织。我们的工作人员和志愿者正在非常努力地实现我们的目标。于此同时,我们对他们有一个定期的培训计划。因为我们有很多正在进行和计划进行的全国性项目,我们需要更多的人加入我们。

LM: Why did your organization decide to become an ILCA National—Regional Partner?

LM: 你的组织为什么决定要成为本协会合作伙伴?

YR: ILCA is a well known international organization with 30 years of history, with which we share similar ideology and thoughts regarding breastfeeding promotion. We hope our decision can help both of us to provide more up-to-date information to Chinese people. We believe this two-way bridge will be a win—win collaboration for both ILCA and SYBPC.

YR: ILCA是一个知名的国际组织,具有30多年的历史。同时,与我们在母乳喂养推广方面有着相似的理念和思想。我们希望这个合作的决定能有助于双方向中国提供更多的最新信息。我们相信这种双向的桥梁将是ILCA和SYBPC一个双赢的合作。

We believe, together with ILCA, we can write a whole new chapter in breastfeeding promotion in China, and at a global level as well. We also feel excited that we can share our experiences with other partners. We foresee that we can learn a lot from each other.


LM: What is your vision for breastfeeding support in China?

LM: 什么是你对中国母乳喂养促进的愿景?

YR: Breastfeeding promotion is very challenging, not only in China, but also worldwide. Our mission is to educate more health providers who can help mothers and babies have a good start in breastfeeding in hospitals. Meanwhile, we provide community education and support to expectant mothers and postpartum mothers discharged from the hospitals. Our vision is to create a natural, healthy, and robust environment and culture for breastfeeding in China.

YR: 促进母乳喂养是非常具有挑战性的,不仅在中国,而且在全世界。我们的使命是培养更多的医护人员,因为她们可以帮助母亲和婴儿在医院就有一个良好母乳喂

Yuwen Ren is the founder and director of the Shanghai YUREN Breastfeeding Promotion Center. She received her MD at the Beijing Medical University, China, and served as an anesthetist at the Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital. She also received her Master of Education at the University of Texas at Austin, USA. She became a La Leche League leader in 2007 and became an IBCLC in 2011. She is the first Chinese IBCLC in mainland China.



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