2016 ILCA Elections: Board of Directors, JHL Members’ Choice Article

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The ILCA Board of Directors has presented a ballot asking ILCA voting members to vote for the following:

  • Board of Directors elections
  • JHL Members’ Choice Clinical Article of the Year

All ILCA members who are certified as an IBCLC and are in good standing should have received an email from ILCA on 4 April 2016 containing a link to the ballot. If you did not receive an email and you should have, please contact the ILCA Office at projects@ilca.org (or) 1+ 919-861-5577 (or) 888-452-2478. Our ILCA staff is eager to make sure you get a ballot, so your vote can be counted. To ensure a timely and secure election, all voting will take place through an online survey.

Prior to casting a vote, all voting ILCA members are encouraged to thoughtfully consider all information provided below. This will enable you to make an informed decision. Vote carefully: Once your vote is cast, it cannot be changed, repeated or cancelled.

The balloting commences 4 April 2016 and concludes 5 May 2016, at which time all electronic votes will be tallied by the ILCA staff.

Board of Director Elections

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we are pleased to present the 2016 ballot for election of Directors.

This slate of candidates for the ILCA Board of Directors was selected by the ILCA Nominating Committee. After thorough review and analysis, the slate was approved by the ILCA Board of Directors as submitted.

A Director must now be elected by a majority of ILCA voting members. (Note: ILCA Bylaw 3.4 confers voting privileges to those dues-paying ILCA members who are also IBCLC certificants.)

The ILCA Board of Directors, in its November 2014 Lactation Matters blog, described three goals as part of its vision of “World health transformed through breastfeeding and skilled lactation care:”

  1. Establish collaborative partnerships with other regional, national, and international organizations;
  2. Mentor newly-developing organizations, worldwide, that promote IBCLC professional development and care;
  3. Build an ILCA infrastructure of equity and diversity, by reducing barriers of entry into the profession and into ILCA leadership positions.

Accordingly, candidates to run for the position of ILCA Director ideally would embrace this strategic vision, would bring geographic diversity or lived-experience from around the world, and would be members of non-dominant social groups. Candidates would be sensitized to the challenges of ensuring equitable access to positions of leadership within ILCA for currently under-represented social groups.  This addresses a key strategic goal for ILCA, moving forward, to create equitable, meaningful leadership roles for those whose practice environment is outside the dominant social group of their geopolitical region.

Please take time to review the profiles of each nominee, by clicking on their names, prior to casting your vote.

Amal Ali Roshdi Hassan El-Taweel, MD, IBCLC

Geraldine Cahill, IBCLC, BA Community & Adult Education, Dip. Education (Training of Trainer)

The ILCA Board extends a special thanks to the Nominations Committee for their efforts on behalf of the entire membership.


JHL Members’ Choice Clinical Article of the Year

You are also invited to cast your vote for the Members’ Choice Clinical Article of the Year for the 2015 issues of the Journal of Human Lactation. You can read the abstracts of each nominated paper by clicking below.

Use of Domperidone as a Galactagogue Drug: A Systematic Review of the Benefit-Risk Ratio (Catherine Paul, PharmD, Marie Zénut, MD, PhD, Agnès Dorut, CPM, Marie-Ange Coudoré, PharmD, PhD, Julie Vein, DVM, PhD, Jean-Michel Cardot, PharmD, PhD, and David Balayssac, PharmD, PhD.)

Safety of Popular Herbal Supplements in Lactating Women (Marwa R. Amer, BScPharm, Gabriela C. Cipriano, PharmD, Jineane V. Venci, PharmD, BCACP, and Mona A. Gandhi, PharmD)

Using a Wellness Program to Promote a Culture of Breastfeeding in the Workplace: Oregon Health & Science University’s Experience (Antoinette Magner, RN, BSc, IBCLC and Carrie Anne Phillipi, MD, PhD, IBCLC)

Breastfeeding Infants with Congenital Torticollis (Catherine Watson Genna, BS, IBCLC)

Breastfeeding among Adolescent Mothers: A Systematic Review of Interventions from High-Income Countries (Heather L. Sipsma, PhD, Krista L. Jones, DNP, RN, and Heather Cole-Lewis, PhD, MPH, MA)


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