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Engage with #ILCA16 on Social Media

Engage #ILCA16 Soc Med

Be a part of the #ILCA16 online community!

Whether you are participating in #ILCA16 face-to-face or live streaming, social media can help you reach your goals without distracting from your conference experience.

Not able to attend this year? You will be missed, but you can still join the conversation!

At the Conference

Fire up your laptop or mobile device . . . we have WIFI! We are so happy to tell you that the main conference space will have WIFI for conference attendees.

ILCA Facebook fans:

Are you “going” on the event page? Be sure you have marked yourself as “going” on the ILCA Conference event page, which you can find here. The page is already active with people making plans for extracurricular events, sharing tips and conference-going strategies, and coordinating rides. During the event, you’ll get updates on last minute schedule changes, events, pictures to share, and more!

Help us find your posts: use the hashtag! Sharing pictures on your Facebook page of you with your favorite speaker? New insights? Favorite quotes? Be sure to mark your posts with the hashtag: #ILCA16

ILCA Tweeps:

Join the backchannel conversation! Share your insights—and hear what others are saying—on Twitter. We’ll all be tweeting the ILCA conference on the hashtag #ILCA16.

BONUS! Thursday—Saturday, we’ll pick a tweet of the day at random from the #ILCA16 stream. Each winner will be eligible for a FREE 1-CERP-eligible webinar from the ILCA Knowledge Center.

Tools we use:

TweetChat keeps you focused. This great tool isolates the tweets on the hashtag you choose, which can keep you from feeling distracted by other topics during a talk. Follow along at the conference in the #ILCA16 room here.

Hootsuite for following it all. Ready to multitask? Hootsuite allows you to follow multiple streams (like #ILCA16 and #LEAC16, the hashtag for the LEAC Global Forum).

Following from Afar

Every year, the ILCA community around the globe follows along and joins the conversation!

On Facebook: Find others’ posts about the conference. During the conference, enter #ILCA16 in the Facebook search bar. You’ll find all the conference-specific news!

On Twitter: We’ll be live tweeting the plenary talks! Follow along at #ILCA16.

On Pinterest: Check out our #ILCA16 conference board here, where we’ll share insights and pictures from the conference.

On Instagram: We’ll share conference image highlights at #ILCA16. Tag your images too!

Amber McCann, IBCLC and Jeanette McCulloch, IBCLC, are the #socmed junkies on the ILCA Marketing Team. You’ll find one of us at the roving #ILCA16 sign in the Chicago Ballroom (6-10), where the plenary sessions are held.

What are your favorite ways to participate in the conference using social media?

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