Considering Becoming a Clinical Site? ILCA has the tools you need.


Considering becoming a Clinical Instruction Site?

ILCA has the tools you need to get started . . .

ILCA’s Clinical Curriculum is a five-part series of online modules that are two hours each. This series is accessible in the ILCA store here. It offers 10 L-CERPs and includes these topics:

  1. Fundamental Foundations, Designs, and Structures
  2. People, Prerequisites, and Processes
  3. Logistics and Mechanics
  4. Teaching and Providing Feedback
  5. Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Completing this course will teach you how to provide hands-on lactation training with confidence and help you increase access to the IBCLC profession in your community. Once your organization has become a Clinical Instruction Site, consider listing your program in the ILCA Clinical Instruction Directory. Aspiring IBCLCs around the world are eager to acquire clinical experience supervised by an IBCLC.

Learn more about the Clinical Instruction Directory here.

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