2017 JHL New Features: Lactation Newsmakers and About Research

Following a year of “listening and learning,” Journal of Human Lactation (JHL) Editor in Chief, Joan E. Dodgson, PhD, MPH, RN, FAAN has made new additions to JHL, with the goal of providing content that best meets the needs of JHL’s reader community.

Two new feature columns, Lactation Newsmakers and About Research, will appear in each new issue of JHL.

The Lactation Newsmakers column will present interviews with individuals doing exemplary work worldwide, promoting and supporting breastfeeding. In addition to highlighting the wealth of knowledge and experience in the larger community of lactation professionals, JHL hopes this column will help stimulate new ideas and projects in local communities and/or agencies.

ILCA members can use their free JHL access to read the first interview, conducted by Dr. Kathleen Marinelli (JHL Associate Editor) with Dr. Cesar Victoro of Brazil, a global leader in promoting and protecting breastfeeding in ways that affect clinical practice daily.

The About Research column was added in direct response to needs expressed by the JHL reader community, many of whom are not researchers. The feature is designed to foster greater understanding of the specific types of research published in the journal. It will highlight the diversity of research methods in the field of lactation research and its various disciplines, while providing information about how to determine scientific rigor and quality in the research process, written specifically to address the needs of non-researchers.

For example, the February edition of JHL features four literature reviews, each with slightly different methodologies. The About Research column “focuses on various types of literature reviews and what constitutes rigor and quality in each,” as described by Dodgson in her editorial What’s New This Year? ILCA members can access this editorial, the literature reviews and the About Research column HERE.

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