Why attend our #ILCA17 Virtual Conference?

Why attend our #ILCA17 Virtual Conference?

We asked past attendees, and here is what they had to say:

ILCA virtual conferences positively impact your practice.

All of our respondents said they applied the skills and/or ideas they learned at #ILCA16 live streaming to their practice, work, or volunteer efforts.

“My learning from the 2016 conference impacts my practice DAILY and has fine-tuned my holistic assessment skills. It’s also added significantly to the content of my breastfeeding class in birth preparation course.”

“It has given me the confidence I needed to be a better lactation consultant.”

ILCA virtual conferences connect you to the worldwide lactation community.

“It was exciting to see other attendees from Africa – I had some interaction with a prospective IBCLC from Zimbabwe – super cool!!”

“Great way to feel a part of ILCA on the international scale. So many of us are a bit isolated and the virtual conference helps to connect us to the big picture of what an IBCLC can mean to mothers who would like some help and encouragement.”

The format of the conference makes it easy to learn new ideas.

“I have been present at past ILCA conferences and the virtual conference is a great way to attend if there is limited time. I was able to view the conference anytime, anywhere. Thanks, ILCA!”

“I am grateful for the opportunity to view the video again after the presentation and will do so in the near future.”

“I want to thank the organizers for including this opportunity to view again. It allows me the opportunity to have better clarity of the information.”

The ILCA virtual conference is a secret worth sharing!

“Thank you ILCA for offering this live streaming event!  I have spoken with friends that are also IBCLCs and they were unaware of this, so next year I will definitely pass the word if it is offered again!”

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