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Submit Your Case Report to Journal of Human Lactation: New Guidelines

International Lactation Consultants Association® (ILCA®) and Journal of Human Lactation (JHL) recognize the importance of publishing case reports in the lactation field. A case report (or case study) is a detailed description and analysis of an interesting or unusual patient or series of patients, including their signs, symptoms, history, presentation, work-up, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up. It is often a way to begin to discuss in the literature a new phenomena, and—although considered the lowest level of evidence—it is an extremely important way in which we become aware and start to document new clinical observations.

To encourage submissions of more well-crafted, academic case reports, JHL has rewritten its author guidelines. (Find the entire Manuscript Submission Directions HERE.)

Case Reports

The manuscript has a word limit of 1500 words, excluding tables, figures, and references. Include headers and content for just the following sections:

  • Background: A brief introduction, including a review of the literature relating to the problem.
  • Case: The case presentation, including informed consent, history of the problem, and other pertinent information, clinical approach, and outcome.
  • Discussion: Discussion/recommendations regarding future investigations and/or assistance of future clients.
  • Conclusion: Client confidentiality must be protected in the presentation, and if identifiable photos are used, a statement regarding obtaining written consent must be included. Tables should be kept to a minimum.


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