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We believe that membership in the International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA) gives you the tools and community you need to support lactating families. But don’t take it from us – listen to your fellow members! We reached out to members from all over the world and asked them: How does ILCA membership impact your practice?

ILCA membership gives me a sense of belonging. It is great to know that, in my endeavor to create practice change and support families as they encounter myths and confusing advice about breastfeeding, I have amazing IBCLCs supporting me.

~Regina Amos, Australia

The subscription to the Journal of Human Lactation helps me stay on top of the most current evidence based practice in our field. Additionally, ILCA is important to me in its global networking potential.

~Ilana Chertok, USA

I was impressed with my ILCA membership. It is my main source of updated research via the Journal of Human Lactation. I’m connected with a huge number of experts to support each other. I loved being updated with the latest news of lactation events and conferences. The free continuing education is great and adds a lot for me.

~Fatin Tamim, Jordan

I would say the Find a Lactation Consultant Directory has been most helpful in directing potential clients to me and the free continuing education has helped me stay current.

~Maire MacLean, USA

ILCA membership has made me a better clinician, offered incomparable conference learning opportunities, and has been a springboard for considerable personal professional development. ~Liz Brooks, USA

ILCA membership allows me to join together as a network of IBCLCs with a large data base of resources. And the Inside Track handouts are so valuable for mothers to refer to. The Equity-based pricing for membership also reflects their core value of Knowledge, Diversity and Equity. I like ILCA so much.

~Clare Li, Hong Kong

What I really value about my ILCA membership is access to the resources like Inside Track handouts and the JHL, but also the free continuing education. And when I requested help or information, ILCA have always been quick to respond. Thank you!

~Dorle Verrinder, Namibia

Appartenere ad ILCA è un valore aggiunto per la mia pratica clinica, un modo per accedere, sia attraverso il Journal of Human Lactation, sia attraverso le conferenze on line, ad una formazione continua utilissima per il mio lavoro. {Being a member of ILCA is an added value for my clinical practice. It allows me to access both the Journal of Human Lactation and online conferences which give me ongoing training that is useful to my work.}

~Laura Dell’Edera, Italy

ILCA Membership Connects You with the Tools and Community You Need to Support Families!

Our 2018 Membership package includes:

  • NEW in 2018! MEMBERS-ONLY RESOURCE MODULES CONNECT YOU TO KNOWLEDGE AND COMMUNITY. Join our secure, exclusive communities and get tools (like the latest research), support (including virtual chats with experts in the field and case reviews), and resources (like webinars, handouts, and more). Ten times each year, you will have access to Resource Modules on the topics that most impact your practice, like low milk supply, babies with special challenges, and perinatal mood disorders. Learn more HERE.
  • THE CONTINUING EDUCATION YOU NEED. You will still receive the opportunity to earn ten free continuing education credits each year. New in 2018, each webinar will be up-to-the-minute, released as a part of every Resource Module. You will have a full three months to complete each webinar.
  • EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT YOUR WORK. You have told us the Journal of Human Lactation (JHL) is your TOP member benefit. In 2018, all members can “Go Green” by receiving the online edition only!
  • HELP FAMILIES FIND YOU. In 2017, we made the Find a Lactation Consultant Directory easier for families to USE, all based on your feedback. In 2018, watch for it to be easier for families to FIND you, thanks to our new search engine and social media strategies.
  • TOOLS FOR THE FAMILIES YOU SERVE. Share Inside Track articles with your clients in print or through email using a PDF. ILCA offers expert, evidence-based research interpreted just for families.
  • SAVINGS. Discounts on additional educational opportunities including as live and recorded webinars and our annual conference.
  • STAY CONNECTED. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and the ILCAlert, our weekly newsletter!


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