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ILCA Seeking Candidate for Board Position

Do you want to work alongside leaders from around the globe to shape the future of ILCA and your profession? Do you want to help set our path within the global breastfeeding community?

Consider becoming a candidate for a position on the ILCA Board!

The ILCA Board of Directors is seeking candidates for the Secretary position, which has been temporarily filled by Director Ger Cahill. Ger volunteered to step into the role after the term of the previous Secretary expired. The board is grateful for her time as secretary and look forward to her continued role as Director.

We asked some of our current board members to tell us a bit about what it means to them to serve the profession in this capacity:

“I feel very honoured to be part of the current ILCA Board of Directors. We know there are many IBCLCs and skilled breastfeeding supporters around the world that are yet to access the benefits of ILCA membership, including the Journal of Human Lactation, our education and professional development programs and our conference.

We are working to deepen relationships globally, to increase our advocacy work and to improve equitable and international access to our programs, while at the same time being mindful of the needs of our valued current members. It’s an exciting time to be involved!” ~ Iona Macnab, BA(Hons), LLB, IBCLC

“Working for the ILCA Board is a wonderful and satisfying experience. We are a group of people from all across the world, who get together, sometimes in person and most times while sitting in our own houses, and make decisions which in the long run can impact world health – can there be a more satisfying way to spend your time and energies?!” ~ Sabeen Adil, MD, IBCLC

“Being on the board is like being part of an international family. Everyone is far away so you look forward to the times you do get to spend with one another at meetings.

The board work – whilst not hard per se – can be challenging, making decisions that will affect the future of the organisation, bearing in mind the diverse international scope we are striving for, is not an easy task. So while the brain is definitely challenged at times, having colleagues who are fun, like-minded, brave and resilient and who I can also call friends, is the bonus that is worth the work.

Meeting so many people worldwide at various meetings and conferences has been a huge bonus for me.  Only through working on the board could I have had so many opportunities to do this. ~ Ger Cahill, BA, IBCLC

ILCA is seeking candidates who are alert to regional and cross-cultural differences as they occur within the global breastfeeding community. Candidates will be sensitive to the challenges of ensuring equitable access to positions of leadership within ILCA for currently under-represented groups.

To learn more about the Secretary position, including a detailed job description, we invite you to visit the Volunteer Opportunities page on the ILCA website. 

To apply, please complete the ILCA Secretary Application by 17 February 2019.

Please also consider sharing this with anyone you would like to help shape the future of ILCA and the profession. Thank you!

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