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Get Inspired By Dr. Camara Jones

Dr. Camara Jones, MD, MPH, PhD, is a public health thought leader and pioneer, known for (among many things) her gift for telling stories that take your understanding of – and ability to break down – structural health inequities to the next level.

Have you heard her speak about the cliff of good health yet? Start learning from Dr. Jones today with this quick video:

Then join us at #ILCA19 to continue the conversation, where we are honored to host Dr. Jones’ presentation, Achieving Health Equity in Breastfeeding: Naming and Addressing Racism and Other Systems of Structured Inequity.

Be prepared for Dr. Jones, Past President of the American Public Health Association (2015-2016) and a Senior Fellow at the Satcher Health Leadership Institute and the Cardiovascular Research Institute at the Morehouse School of Medicine, to both deepen your knowledge and inspire your work.

As Michele Griswold, ILCA Past President shared with us, “Hearing Dr. Jones speak on racial health inequities was so powerful that it ultimately changed the course of my academic career. Her analogies take the complexities of the structural factors that create inequities in health care and make them clear in a way that inspires systemic change.”

Join us at #ILCA19!

2 Responses to Get Inspired By Dr. Camara Jones

  1. Margot Mann 5 March 2019 at 10:04 #

    Nice ad for the ILCA conference. But I didn’t see a link to conference registration. Surely that was the point? Did I miss it?



    • lactationmatters 5 March 2019 at 18:38 #

      Margot, thanks for checking in! You can register by clicking the “Register TODAY” button. You can also register by clicking here:

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