How Will #ILCA19 Change Your Practice?

ENGAGE at ILCA’s 2019 Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, United States on 24 – 27 July.

How will #ILCA19 Change Your Practice? We asked past attendees and here is what they had to say:

Learn from the leading experts around the globe.

I really appreciated the opportunity to learn at this conference. There was a great mix of topics that were socially and intellectually challenging. Thank you!”

“The speakers  . . . were fantastic, they were receptive to their audience, approachable with questions and the topics were all relevant and covered a wide range of the lactation field.”

Expand and refresh the skills you need to serve families in your community.

“I appreciate the effort to increase diversity and to discuss equity. It’s a hot topic and it seems many people want to see and help make improvements and don’t know how (myself included).”

“I enjoyed the variety of speakers and ability to choose from many subjects.”

“I will send my staff next year! I love the information and feel it wonderfully benefits the newer IBCLC in practice.”

Connect with the advocates improving lactation outcomes worldwide and bring your voice to the table.

“It was refreshing to witness all the inclusion as our field is rapidly changing. I met many new folks from all over the world and was glad for the time to chat with them over the meals.”

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