#ILCA2020 Is Going Virtual – Win a Free Registration!

This year is a time of crisis and change worldwide: both the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing human rights uprisings across the globe have highlighted the gaps and failings in our current systems. Babies and families have always needed us. Now more than ever, we are called on to learn and grow so we may best support their needs. #ILCA2020 is going all-virtual to provide vital information and support, wherever you may be. We invite you to join us at #ILCA2020.  

Our speakers are addressing urgent questions including:

  • Health disparities
  • Clinical skills
  • Emergency planning
  • Ethical issues
  • Access to care

Who are you most excited to hear at #ILCA2020?

Check out the full schedule and then leave a comment here on the blog telling us which speaker or topic YOU are most excited by at the #ILCA2020 Virtual Conference.

We will pick one person to receive a FREE #ILCA2020 Virtual Conference registration!

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Our winner will be chosen on 16 July 2020.

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20 Responses to #ILCA2020 Is Going Virtual – Win a Free Registration!

  1. Doreen Conner RN, BSN, IBCLC, HTP 29 June 2020 at 16:39 #

    I would love to hear Dr. Morton, as an IBCLC working in a High Risk, Large, inner city hospital, I have found her information on Hand Expression to be the most important thing to teach the nurses to do in the first few hours of life, it has made such a difference, especially to our NICU babies. I want to learn more of what she has to say.

  2. Emily Jones 29 June 2020 at 16:52 #

    Looking forward to Breast/Chest Feeding Infants with Tongue Tie and Oral Motor Disorganization, as well as Collaboration Not Competition: Improving Lactation Outcomes Together!

  3. Kris 29 June 2020 at 16:53 #

    I am really looking forward to hearing Catherine Sullivan speak about Optimizing Birthing Care practices!

    • IOANNA KONSTANTOPOULOU 30 June 2020 at 05:05 #

      I am very interested in the speech for Baby Cafes and their contribution to the promotion of breastfeeding.i am a pediatrician in Greece and such a initiative would be very promising.

  4. Emily Bradbury 29 June 2020 at 17:07 #

    Most excited to hear Liz Brooks! So hard to communicate to patients sometimes that the information they hold true and dear is inaccurate and harmful without alienating them or hurting their (or partner’s) feelings and destroying trust.

  5. Lisa Stewart 29 June 2020 at 17:08 #

    I’m really interested in the topic that Jabina Coleman is speaking about….”Everyone wants to hold the baby, who will hold the mother.” I’m curious about learning more about not only supporting the mother, but engaging the family and community in mother support.

  6. Courtney 29 June 2020 at 17:14 #

    I am interested to hear Marsha Walker talk about exclusive pumping – sometimes we get stuck with how to help our exclusive pumping families when they feel their supply changes.

  7. Dixie Whetsell, MS, IBCLC 29 June 2020 at 17:21 #

    I am interested in hearing a number of speakers. This one is of special interest to me since I teach in a Pathway 2 academic lactation training program. Making a Difference: Using Your Facility to Teach Lactation Care to Healthcare Students and Professionals (Susan Glaeser, BSN, RNC-IBCLC; Linda Zeccola; Christine Wiseman; Burlene Carrizales)

  8. Beth Lichy 29 June 2020 at 17:35 #

    So many good talks! As a volunteer for Breastfeeding USA, I’d love to hear “Nonprofits and Breastfeeding: Where Do I Start?” (Stephanie Carroll, MBA, BS, IBCLC, RLC)

  9. Laurie 29 June 2020 at 17:59 #

    I’m excited for all of them, but I choose Elizabeth Brooks on how to have the difficult conversations when you need to tell someone they are wrong.

  10. Sotiria Giannopoulou 29 June 2020 at 18:17 #

    I am really interested in this topic”Getting to the Goal: A Pediatrician’s Perspective of Slow Weight Gain in First-time Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding Families ” by Patricia Diaz, Pediatrician, IBCLC, Doula. I am looking forward for it!

  11. Alicia Coppedge 29 June 2020 at 18:55 #

    Of course I am looking forward to all of the speakers, but I am most excited for “Advanced Approaches to Optimizing Birthing Care Practices in 2020 and Beyond (Catherine Sullivan, MPH, RD, LDN, IBCLC, FAND)” I am a BSN nursing student and working on my IBCLC, I currently work as a nursing assistant in the Birth Center at my local hospital. I am staying on the unit as an RN (and later RN IBCLC) once I graduate. We are a baby friendly hospital which is wonderful, but there is ALWAYS room for improvement. I have been focusing a lot on optimizing breastfeeding care between our nurses and lactation consultants to provide well rounded care for our moms and babies. So I am excited to learn more and utilize it in our unit.

  12. Yajurva Barot 30 June 2020 at 02:23 #

    Deficiencies of Humanitarian Aid Practices Toward Infant Feeding During Natural Disaster by Shela Hirani, PhD, MScN, BScN, RN, IBCLC. I personally like the subject of emergency Nutrition and especially IYCN 💛

  13. Christine Smith 30 June 2020 at 09:51 #

    Elizabeth Brooks is a fave so I am most excited for The Right Way to Say “You’re Wrong”: Effective Ethical Scripting for Tough Talk in Lactation

  14. Emily Russell 30 June 2020 at 10:19 #

    I am looking forward to hearing the speaker that is addressing how to support the mothers. I think that we have many mothers that struggle with isolation and depression especially in these times. Anything that we can do to help these mothers and support them to reach their goal can increase their efficacy and morale.

  15. Monica Butler 30 June 2020 at 15:37 #

    Clinical skills

  16. Susan Cluitt 30 June 2020 at 23:09 #

    Exclusive Pumping: Pros, Cons, and Considerations (Marsha Walker, RN, IBCLC). I don’t see much of this and would be good to have more information on supporting mums who are only expressing

  17. Charlene Fraser 9 July 2020 at 15:15 #

    I’m actually really excited to hear the talk about the various baby cafes since I help facilitate the baby cafe in Dorchester at the codman square health center. So exciting!!!

  18. Tiffany Martinez 12 July 2020 at 20:22 #

    As a graduate student studying Global Development, I am SO excited to learn from “Deficiencies of Humanitarian Aid Practices Toward Infant Feeding During Natural Disaster” (Shela Hirani, PhD, MScN, BScN, RN, IBCLC)
    This is the exact area of lactation that I am passionate about! <3 

  19. lactationmatters 18 July 2020 at 13:59 #

    Drum roll please . . . the winner is Beth Lichy. Congrats! Please contact info@ilca.org and we will arrange your free registration for #ILCA2020.

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