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JHL Offers Open Access Case Study Collection

If an IBCLC® you knew helped a client with a history of breast cancer induce lactation for an adopted infant, wouldn’t you want to hear the story?

How about if a friend had been involved in a study measuring COVID-19 antibodies in human milk during the newborn phase? Definitely a great story to hear!

Case studies—stories—of others’ successes and challenges have so much to teach.

Now, you can access the full text of five new case studies here free of charge in a collection recently released by the Journal of Human Lactation. The case studies will remain open access through 15 June.

Topics include:

Maternal Transfer of Cetirizine Into Human Milk. A study in which levels of the drug found in the common allergy medication Zyrtec were measured in human milk, filling a previous gap in data.

Severe Lactational Mastitis With Complicated Wound Infection Caused by Streptococcus pyogenes. Management of a severe case of mastitis at two weeks postpartum has a positive outcome, with the pair nursing successfully into toddlerhood.

Induction of Lactation After Adoption in a Muslim Mother With History of Breast Cancer: A Case Study. Details the protocols used to successfully induce lactation and discusses the benefits to both parent and baby.

Induced Lactation in a Mother Through Surrogacy With Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (CAIS). A mother through surrogacy, with XY karyotype and CAIS, is able to partially breastfeed, supporting the concept of helping more nontraditional parents with lactation.

Early Identification of IgA Anti-SARSCoV-2 in Milk of Mother With COVID-19 Infection. Do mothers with Covid-19 infection produce milk that has antibodies that could protect their nursling? This case study suggests the answer is yes.

Each case study in the collection gives detailed information about the issue, history, management, and outcome.

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