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As International Board Certified Lactation Consultants , we are well versed on the intense physical, emotional, and cultural preparations that come as a family prepares to welcome a new child to the world. At the International Lactation Consultant Association® (ILCA®), we’ve been experiencing a bit of that ourselves as we prepare to launch a brand new website which will significantly change how you engage with our values, our vision, our programs, and our member benefits. Together, we seek to transform world health through breastfeeding and skilled lactation care and, with a new website, we’ll be better able to communicate exactly what ILCA is all about and engage meaningfully with our members, partners, and the global breastfeeding community.

We’ve heard you. Our current website is challenging to navigate, search, and accessing our learning opportunities has caused many of you to simply throw your hands up in frustration. We’ve spent much of the past year critically looking at our systems, conducting surveys to find out what works and what doesn’t, and exploring options to find THE VERY BEST for our members and all of those who support ILCA.

We are proud to announce that, VERY SOON, we’ll be inviting you into our new space.

You’ll find a number of brand new features, including our KNOWLEDGE CENTER and our private social network as well as a significant updating of some of our most used features, such our Find a Lactation Consultant Directory and access to the Journal of Human Lactation.

So, keep encouraging us along in these final weeks of our website “pregnancy”. And, as any good IBCLC knows, once we experience our birth, there is more hard work which will require your patience, your wisdom, and your eagle-eyed problem solving skills! Even with extremely careful planning, there are always challenges to be worked out. We’ll need you! We’ll be announcing just before our launch a special contest to help us find broken links, features which could use further tweaking, and helpful, encouraging feedback.

So, forgive us while we do a little nesting, a little stressing, and a lot of looking forward to what is to come over the next few weeks.

Join Us in Our Excitement and Stay Tuned for More Details Soon!


ILCA Introduces a NEW Look and a NEW Logo!

Website Launch Blog ImagesIn the past year, the International Lactation Consultant Association ® (ILCA®) has taken a critical look at our values, embraced a new strategic vision, and introduced our Partners Program, impacting the way ILCA engages with the global breastfeeding community.

With these changes, we recognized that it was time for a new look that better reflects our global nature and the many powerful parts that make up our organization.

In the past months, the Logo Redesign Task Force has been hard at work. This international group of members closely examined our values and direction, considered what was most vital to communicate about what ILCA is and gave design direction to a gifted professional graphic designer (learn more about Adriana Lozada below). After reviewing multiple design directions, the Task Force unanimously recommended the design we are presenting here now. Our board enthusiastically accepted their proposal and a new logo for our organization was accepted.

Website Launch Blog Images (1)

We selected this logo because it represents ILCA’s expanding impact in the global breastfeeding community. It also depicts the collaboration between many different communities, work settings, backgrounds, and cultures that are needed to bring about great change. Plus, we loved the feel of a “swirl” where you mix parts of something and come up with something greater.

We officially begin using this logo 4 January, 2016 along with our BRAND NEW WEBSITE (watch for more details very soon!) which will launch with a WHOLE NEW LOOK for the organization.

We want to extend our gratitude to the hard work of the Logo Redesign Task Force and to our graphic designer!

adriana and annikaAbout the designer: Adriana Lozada is a graphic designer and birth professional currently living in Rochester, New York. After graduating in Communication Studies in Montreal, Canada, she co-founded a newspaper and media company in Venezuela. In the late 90’s she co-founded a network of youth sites in Spanish and was named one of CNN en Español 20 “Latin American Leaders of the Internet” for 2000.  Adriana has lived all around the world and can communicate in 5 languages. She is the mother of ten-year old Annika (pictured here). We chose her because of her unique understanding of graphic design, birth and breastfeeding, and international communities.

It is an exciting time for ILCA and we look forward to all that 2016 holds in store! If you have not yet joined or renewed your membership, NOW IS THE TIME! You can find information on our website or by emailing



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