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ILCA Announces New Educational Initiative to Advance Research-Based Education and Skills (FREE WEBINARS)

ILCA is pleased to announce a new educational initiative to advance research-based education and skills in our profession.

Through the end of June, 2013, both ILCA members and non-members may attend ILCA’s live webinars webinars at no charge.

During that time, access to all live webinars is free and you will pay only if you want continuing education credit. Webinar recordings and handouts will be posted on ILCA’s CERPs onDemand™ site within 2 weeks after the live presentation. Those who wish to receive credit can purchase the recorded webinar and print their certificate online. This also provides full access to the recorded webinar and materials for the length of time it is available online.

We extend this free service to our valued members to express our appreciation for your continued support of ILCA and its mission to advance the profession. This free access to live webinars also demonstrates to potential new members ILCA’s commitment to professional development and the valuable services available to members. Be sure to pass this information on to colleagues and invite them to take advantage of this special educational initiative.

Visit ILCA’s webinar page now to begin registering for your free live webinars! If you elect to purchase the continuing education credit, remember that ILCA members receive a 50% discount on all purchases on the CERPs onDemand™ site.

Liz Brooks, ILCA’s president, has this to say about the exciting initiative:

“ILCA is a professional association committed to providing high quality evidence-based information to our members, and other practitioners with interest. These free webinars meet Goal Two of our recently revised Strategic Plan:  “Promote professional development through member services” via continuing education opportunities, use of technology, and offerings that promote the advancement and education of IBCLCs … who hold the essential credential for lactation support. Bringing people *to* ILCA to show them *what* ILCA does, and has to offer, is one way to build new membership.  It reminds our current members of the value of their membership. The line-up of excellent researchers and presenters, offering their highly relevant and interesting material, ought to captivate any IBCLC.  This simple notion of free, excellent education, is one way to attract those who love to learn, and to learn from the best.  They will be similarly attracted to ILCA’s incredible Journal of Human Lactation, to the rest of our on-line learning modules and webinars, and to our penultimate educational offering, the annual conference.  If  folks need CERPs, those are easily obtained for the customary fees (half off for current members!).  If folks just want great education, pure and simple, this is a great opportunity.  Regardless, attendees will learn the latest evidence-based practice, making them better clinicians serving breastfeeding families.  There is no downside in that!”

What webinars will you be signing up for?

Please share this information with friends and colleagues.


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